@Animalesque 2019

1. Natural fieldwork / Bio-Situasionism


Through expert Field Trips, we will engage, almost in a Bio-Situasionist way, in the Wildlife of Berlin. Participants will explore the rich natural spaces in and around the city, trying to discover what you normally don´t see, building up your own narratives about urban animality. We encourage the use of different media, – drawings, film, photography, sensory systems –  embedding yourselves within your own Animalesque reality.


2. Prototyping and Performance: the Expressive Lagoon


During the 10 days, material and performative experiments based on insects and birds studies will be carried out at the Floating University solid and liquid space. Main focus is the design and construction of a large scale nest as a specific intervention in the lagoon's ecosystem. We also want to encourage performative actions of any kind – art, dance, music, etc – that can express forms of interaction with the natural and Animal Kingdom, having the lagoon as a stage.


3. Lectures, debates and animalesque performances


Berlin is a city with a large and intricate environmental history, which is now going through complex processes of densification and loss of natural space. To position our work in the cultural, scientific and political arena of Berlin, we aim to open up debates with different actors discussing over our projects and exemplary cases found out in the city of Berlin or other places in the world.

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